sequelTools Session Browser is an easy-to-use database session browser and session monitoring tool focusing on the needs of database developers. It offers easily accessible details on what is currently happening inside your Oracle® Database. sequelTools Session Browser is a freeware application that is platform independent and features a browser-based user interface.
Easy to use browser-based user interface.
Built on JVM, available for all major operating systems.
Access multiple database instances and switch between them easily.
Dark or light appearance. Switchable anytime.
Find and filter your sessions by state, type or keyword instantly.
Identify blocking and blocked sessions.
Inspect session details: state, locks, wait events, long ops, current SQL...
Easy auto reload for session details with configurable timers.
Free of charge, for personal and commercial use.
No installation.
No registration.
No telemetry.
More features to come...
If you like sequelTools Session Browser and want to share it: please link to the website, not to the download file directly!
sequelTools Session Browser is provided free of charge, as is and with absolutely no warranty. Use it at your own risk. Please also note that this software is a personal leisure project, not a commercial product.
sequelTools Session Browser is already usable but still under development. So expect it to be a little bit rough around the edges.
Current version
Previous versions
  • 0.2.1
    • Improved support for running sequelTools Session Browser behind a Reverse Proxy, for details see FAQ
    • Separate configuration of username and password in config.json
    • Fixed api urls
  • 0.2.0
    • Inspect locks and long running operations
    • Auto refresh timer for session details
    • Light color theme
    • Restrict text filtering to selected session attributes
    • Bugfixes and improvements
Getting Started
Java (JDK/JRE)
  • sequelTools Session Browser is built on JDK8, so this is the minimum required Java version. JDK/JRE is available on the Java SE Downloads page.
Oracle® Database JDBC driver
  • A browser supporting ECMAScript 6 (aka JavaScript 6) is required. Minimum versions:
    • Chrome 58+
    • Edge 14+
    • Firefox 54+
    • Safari 10+
    • Opera 55+
  • Oracle® Database 10 and higher (tested with 11gR2 and 12cR2)
  • Access to Oracle dynamic performance (v$) views and Oracle DBA views
Basic configuration
Configuration needs to be stored in a config.json file, located in the conf-subfolder. The distribution package contains a sample.config.json:
  "database": {
    "connections": [{
      "dataSourceName": "db1",
      "description": "Database 1",
      "url": "jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host:port/service",
      "user": "username",
      "password": "password"
  "httpServer": {
   "port": 8080,
   "bindToHost": ""
Advanced configuration options are described in the FAQ.
Setup and run
  1. Download and extract the sequelTools distribution file.
  2. Download JDBC drivers from the JDBC Downloads page.
  3. Place the JDBC drivers jar file in the lib-subfolder of the extracted sequelTools Session Browser archive.
  4. Copy or rename the provided sample.config.json to config.json.
  5. Edit the config.json to provide your database connection information.
  6. Start application from the bin-directory by running sequeltools (Linux/Unix/MacOS) or sequeltools.bat (Windows).
  7. Point your browser to the url as shown on the console output, default is localhost:8080.
  8. You're ready to go!
Frequently Asked Questions
▷ Are there any advanced configuration options?
▷ Is RAC supported?
▷ Is user authentication and/or TLS support planned?
▷ How to setup the application behind a Reverse Proxy?
▷ Why user interface seems sluggish sometimes?
Feedback is always welcome. Contact me via email.
My name is Marco Dehmel and I am a professional database developer since 2005, with an intense focus on Oracle® Databases starting with version 9i. During my work I have often seen talented development teams struggling in analyzing the runtime behaviour of self implemented database applications. That's why I started creating sequelTools Session Browser as an utility to provide easier access to runtime session information. Site and software are maintained as a personal leisure project.
Responsible person
Marco Dehmel
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